Social Responsibility

QHSE Policy

QHSE Policy

At CMIC, we are guided and committed to pursuing the highest possible standards in our products and services, through a world-class standard Quality Management System (guided by ISO 9001). The attainment of ISO 9001 (assessed by American Petroleum Institute Quality Registrar) at CMIC's manufacturing facilities, is testimonial of our commitment towards stringent quality standards for all of CMIC products and services.

The effectiveness of the quality system is continuously improved through planned QHSE reviews, in order to provide our customers with the highest quality products and services at a competitive price, in a timely manner at a safe working environment. CMIC quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) internal procedures are in place to ensure design, production, installation and service are in accordance with the terms of the contract.

CMIC values customers' relationship and believes in helping all our customers succeed in their business activities, through our innovative,reliable and high quality products and services.

CMIC is an international company, committed to the compliance of all national QHSE laws, regulations and relevant standards in the countries where we operate. We strive to continually to improve the QHSE company performance.

Quality Pledge

We are committed to being very aggressive in our attitude toward quality. We strive to be ranked as the best in our business. Quality is not just another goal, it is our basic strategy for survival and future growth.

Quality Objectives

Our quality objectives are set to furnish the highest quality products, on time, at a fair market price. The attainment of such objectives will lead to total customer satisfaction, enhanced performance at user levels, and ongoing improvements in product efficiency. To achieve our objectives we will maintain a constant focus on quality with full dedication, commitment, and teamwork towards continuous improvement.


Our journey is Total Quality Management through certified Quality Management Systems in all of our facilities. As recognized by international certification bodies our Quality Management Systems will provide the highest level of confidence for our customers. They may rest assured that all aspects of our Quality Management Systems are functioning at the highest level. This will ensure a high quality product with documented systems to address any issues that may arise from concept to commissioning, service and beyond.

Continuous Improvement

Total Quality Management is not a short term program. It is a long term commitment aimed at continuously improving in all aspects of our business, from providing a safe work environment, managing our business processes, controlling supplier selection/retention and improving the quality and operation of our products.
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