Products & Services

Offshore Rig Integrated Solutions

TSC fully leveraged its strengths in providing offshore high-end equipment, and launched the concept of providing offshore drilling package one-stop services so as to significantly reduce shipyards’ construction costs and solve problems equipment providers’ interfaces. Moreover, TSC lifted the rig construction idea to a higher level with its two major value-added services in terms of integrated system design and project management.

Since 2010, TSC has fabricated 10 jack-up rigs for some major clients globally with the concept of “Total Solutions Company”. These rigs are currently operating in the Middle East, Caspian Sea and China. Moreover, TSC proposed a new idea of providing “Total Life Cycle” solutions to E&P development based on customer-oriented values.

In addition, TSC provides infrastructural solutions with regard to production rigs, workover platforms, P&A rigs and decommissioning platforms to offshore oil blocks.
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