TSC OGS (837290) Receives Approval to List on NEEQ

On April 19, 2016, TSC Group Holdings Limited (“TSC”) subsidiary, TSC Oil and Gas Services Holdings Ltd. (“TSC OGS”) received the “TSC Oil and Gas Services Holdings Ltd. to List and Transfer Shares onto the National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ [2016] No. 3132) Agreement Letter” from the National Equities Exchange and Quotations (“NEEQ”). This document signifies the approval of TSC OGS’s application to list on NEEQ. Once listed, the company will trade under the stock code of 837290. TSC internal and external parties worked together for ten months to complete the listing application. To begin the listing process, the company was spun off from The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (“HKEx”) main board listed company, TSC (HK00206). Once this was completed, the company underwent a series of processes including share structure reform, domestic and overseas subsidiary audits, evaluations and restructuring mergers & acquisitions. TSC OGS successfully submitted its listed material on January 29 of this year and was approved to list on NEEQ by the first feedback received.

TSC OGS is an oil and gas service business group split from TSC primarily focused on the integration of existing MRO supplies and services, mud pump, pressure pump and solids control system businesses. Mr. Morgan Zhang, TSC OGS president, stated that supported by the mainland capital market, TSC OGS will gradually grow to become a leading oil & gas services provider offering targeted and tailor-made services to the offshore & onshore exploration and oil & gas field development industries, through making full use of existing international market recognition for its MRO supplies and mud pump offering. TSC OGS will offer its customers superior services and solutions through its advantageous and creative business model, amid the new normal of low oil prices.

【ABOUT TSC OGS】TSC OGS is a NEEQ listed company based in Qingdao, China. The company’s main business includes the development and manufacture of MRO expendables for the oil, gas and shale industry as well as oilfield development, oilfield technical services and oilfield block development. TSC OGS has specific manufacture facilities, service and sales offices in China, USA, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Dubai and Russia.

【ABOUT TSC】TSC, a HKEx main board listed company, specializes in the engineering, manufacture and assembly of high-end offshore equipment for all types offshore rigs, world-wide. Moreover, TSC is capable of providing versatile offshore infrastructure solutions for global offshore oil & gas exploration and development, including offshore rigs, production platforms, intervention platforms, accommodation platforms, plug and abandonment decommissioning platforms as well as other offshore infrastructures.
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