Harmoni Victory Jack-up Named One of Two Indonesian Flagged Rigs

Harmoni Victory (ZENTECH R-550D 400ft Jack-up Rig) was recently re-invited to bid in a formal tender for PHE ONWJ (Offshore North West Java in Indonesia) estimated term contract 1+1 year. While over 13 contractors are registered for pre-qualification, of which only two bidders passed the pre-qualification based on the justification of Cabotage Law (PM 200 Year 1015). It was re-tendered as there wasn’t enough quorum in initial round. In accordance with SKK MIGAS Regulation PTK-007, Operator can choose to directly select the bidder in the second round process. Notably, Harmoni Victory is one of these rigs, which presents a strong competitive advantage for securing future work in Indonesia. Harmoni Victory is also pursuing other tender opportunities to support Indonesia operators with a costs-efficient rig, operated by mainly local experienced rig crew. The Rig is the process of obtaining permits SIOPSUS from Ministry of Sea Transportation (DEPHUBLA) and have recently completed equipment worthiness inspection (SKPI) conducted by third party inspection team and witnessed by DITJEN MIGAS. 

Harmoni Victory is the world’s first Zentech designed 400ft R-550D jack-up rig, built under the multi-party alliances between TSC Group Holdings Limited (“TSC”), CSSC Huangpu Wenchong Shipbuilding Co Ltd (“HPWS”), Zentech and TSC wholly owned subsidiary, Alliance Offshore Drilling Pte Ltd (“AOD”). The ABS classed rig features an extended cantilever reach, zero discharge, automated pipe handling systems, robust drilling systems certified to ABS CDS, and high performance features which are optimized to increase both safety and efficiency. Through its fit for purpose technical features, the rig will bring about significant operational savings and reliable uptime to drilling contractors and Production Sharing Contract (“PSC”) operators. Currently, the rig is in the final stages of commissioning and client acceptance at HPWS in Guangzhou and will soon be well-primed for operations in Indonesia.

HDS purchased the rig in February from AOD in a 1+1 sales and purchase agreement. HDS is 90% owned by PT Harmoni Drilling Services (“PT HDS”), with the remaining 10% held by AOD. PT HDS is an established drilling contractor in Indonesia with a successful track record of over seven years of operating drilling jack-up rigs and floaters for international clients operating in Indonesia.

Under cooperation with PT HDS, AOD is able to fulfil the mandatory local content factors required by the Indonesian Oil and Gas Authority, which positions the rig to effectively tap a still active Indonesian market. TSC looks to continue working closely with PT HDS to facilitate long-term production growth at Indonesia’s oil and gas fields.
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